Garden Tidy Up Warrington

Whether we enjoy gardening or not, it is something that has to be done. Just as our home needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it looking pristine, so do our gardens.

Garden maintenance

At Bowden Gardening services we provide a professional and truly competent garden tidy up service Warrington which will keep your outside areas looking fantastic.

Whether you are a busy professional working person that needs support to keep their garden looking great or an older person who is struggling to keep on top of all the gardening chores, we will attend to it on your behalf. No matter the size of your garden or grounds, we will keep it looking well-tended so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy weed free borders, perfectly maintained flower beds and vegetable plots and even lush green lawns.

Flexible and adaptable

We offer garden tidy up services Warrington on an ad hoc, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis; whichever suits your requirements, not our schedule.

As a company, the customer’s needs come first so if you need us to work around your dates or timetables, that is never problem. Homes and businesses in the Warrington area make use of our garden tidy up facility throughout the year. Many people only think about their gardens only in the spring and summer months when in actual fact, gardens need attention each and every season. By allowing us to maintain your garden on a regular basis, we can be looking after plants and garden layouts even when growth is dormant. This means that when your garden comes to life again in the spring, it is already prepped and ready to put on a real show.

Domestic and commercial

As well as working with a large number of domestic clients in the area, our garden tidy up Warrington service is much appreciated by business customers. Schools, hotels, landlords and similar organisations appreciate the peace of mind that we can provide them with when they know that their premises are in safe hands and that their outside space is looking as good as it should.

Keep your property and grounds looking great and retain its value by making use of our garden tidy up Warrington service. We are ready to help at any time.

I high jacked John the gardener from my new neighbours and am so glad I did…my front garden has been very neglected and looked more like a miniature forest than a front garden in Grappenhall!!! But John came to my rescue and transformed it back to it’s natural glory!!!! I highly recommend this company to anyone…thank you!!!

Jane McPherson

Turned up in time, explained costs and worked solidly for the time he was here. All clippings and grass cuttings cleaned away before he left.
So good to get home from hectic day in the office to find the Gardener has been. All looks fabulous xxxx
Diane Hughes

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