Grass Cutting Services Warrington

We all love to be surrounded by lush and verdant green lawns and rolling areas of soft grass, but how often does it look like we want it to? Have you been looking for the service of grass cutting Warrington but without success? Then we are here to help get your grass looking green.

Not enough time

No matter what sort of property we live in, it is easy enough to spend time and money on caring for the home but forget about the garden; particularly the lawns. This is usually not because we don’t care but simply because we run out of time to keep our turf looking like the day it was laid.

Rather than tire yourself out trying to earn a living, look after the home and family and find yourself battling to keep the grass trim, make use of the professional grass cutting service from Bowden Gardening Services.

Our older clients

We also carry out regular lawn trimming services for pensioners or people that no longer have the mobility and the strength to manage heavy machinery and the emptying of grass boxes. Many of our clients comprise people in the older age group who want to spend quality time in their garden but simply cannot manage to keep it looking good any longer.

Let us take the strain

Because we know what we are doing, are professionally trained and have the correct tools at hand for the job, we can not only cut your lawn far faster than you could manage, but our commercial machinery and equipment also gives a pristine finish. In the time it might take you to think about it, we can take care of moss, get rid of weeds in the lawn and carry out scarifying procedures quickly and cleanly.

A lawn that looks lush

Get your lawn looking the way it should be by making use of the team at Bowden Gardening services. Not only will we cut your lawn to suit your timetable and calendar but you will also find us incredibly clean, tidy and cost effective.

Put just a little budget aside on a regular basis and let us take control of your lawn. Forget overgrown edges, rambling weeds, moss covered areas and paths that are lost in the long grass; we will look after your lawn timely, competently and whenever you need us to.

Grass cutting Warrington need no longer be a permanent headache for you; get your lawn looking lush with our highly professional service.

I high jacked John the gardener from my new neighbours and am so glad I did…my front garden has been very neglected and looked more like a miniature forest than a front garden in Grappenhall!!! But John came to my rescue and transformed it back to it’s natural glory!!!! I highly recommend this company to anyone…thank you!!!

Jane McPherson

Turned up in time, explained costs and worked solidly for the time he was here. All clippings and grass cuttings cleaned away before he left.
So good to get home from hectic day in the office to find the Gardener has been. All looks fabulous xxxx
Diane Hughes

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